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My Story

My name is Jama Williamson (pronounced Jay-ma).  I am a Chopra Certified Transformational Mentor and Meditation Teacher devoted to wellness of the mind, body, and spirit.  I have been a soul-seeker since the young age of four when I lost my father in a fatal car accident.  Yearning for answers and hoping to bring purpose to my seemingly senseless loss led me on a journey of soulful discovery and interest in spirituality and the metaphysical.  


I believe that healing from any trauma involves all aspects of the self—the mind, body, and spirit—and have learned for myself that the integration of these components can bring lasting peace. Having suffered from an anxiety disorder most of my young life, I was able to find the other side of the struggle through a practice of mindfulness, yoga, somatic processing, and meditation. 


A big part of my healing journey was also through my release of bottled emotions, which took the form of an acting career that has spanned three decades. I alchemized these unprocessed emotions through the feelings of the characters I played, and was able to transform much of my suffering into my art.  I attended Circle in the Square Theater School in NYC and have performed off and On Broadway, been a series regular and a guest-star on dozens of TV shows, and appeared in over 50 national commercials. 


This permission of emotional expression and my long study of human behavior has deepened my understanding of the power of thought and how it can form and shift perspective, belief, actions, and even one’s manifested reality. I'm dedicated to helping others heal and have volunteered for seven years at Comfort Zone Camp, a specialized sleepaway camp nurturing children who have suffered grief after the loss of a loved one. 


As one who appreciates beauty, honors the energy of a space, and acknowledges the profound impact one’s environment can have on their outlook, I studied Feng Shui in a professional program at the Open Center in New York City—and as I understand the importance of free-moving energy inside the body as well as the outside environment, I acquired my Reiki I certification through Golden Light Alchemy in California.


Most recently I finished a year-long program in Vedic integrative wellness from the Chopra Center and am now a certified Ayurveda and Meditation Teacher and Total Wellbeing Coach.  In my growing toolkit I offer meditation training, Ayurvedic wisdom, nervous system regulation, Feng Shui principles, energy work, intuition guidance, emotional identification, and grief processing. 


I graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor degree in Communications from the University of Notre Dame and I am currently working on a book about childhood trauma and finding hope out of the shadow of loss.


I also recently embarked on a new adventure moving cross-country from Los Angeles to the suburbs of Philadelphia with my husband of 17 years and our two daughters and two dogs--so in addition to my studied healing modalities-- I have much to offer clients about major life transitions as well:)  You can find me on instagram at @soullightwellbeing and at 

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