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Illuminate Your Path Forward

Transformational Coaching and Group Classes

To  Guide You Toward a Purposeful and Peaceful Life

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About Me

My name is Jama (pronounced Jay-ma) Williamson, and I'm a Chopra Certified Wellbeing Mentor and Transformational Coach, as well as a Teacher of Ayurveda and Meditation.  As a coach, I will work with you to identify areas of your life where you may be stuck--whether it be in relationships, health, career, or personal growth. Together we will use practical tools and spiritual practices to intentionally redesign these areas, and build new foundations for your life grounded in gratitude and contentment.  I'm excited to help you find your true purpose, and to uncover the limiting beliefs and unexpressed emotions that are preventing you from finding your JOY.  I worked through my own anxiety disorder utilizing meditation, mindfulness practices, and somatic processing to digest the emotions and trauma stuck in my body--strengthening my intuition and trust by aligning with my spirit. I hope to help you to do the same--to heal and to thrive. A more joyful life is waiting--let's do this together:) 

"Nothing can nourish the SOUL but LIGHT."



One-on-One Transformational Coaching

Eight 50-minute personalized sessions exploring purpose, realizing intentions, and investigating the faulty beliefs and unexpressed emotions that are holding you back from living a life of fulfillment and joy.  

Individual or Group Meditation Classes

A three-part meditation series to better understand how meditation affects you physiologically, and tips and strategies on how to enhance your practice.  An individualized Primordial sound mantra is given in a private ceremony. 

Find Your True Purpose  Individual Session

One-on-one coaching session to help you find your soul's purpose and craft an individualized purpose statement to use as your North Star.  A guide to focus your unique gifts toward your path to fulfillment.  



"Working with Jama changed my life!  I feel as if she helped me read my Internal compass and locate my true north.  Her unique way of listening and responding provoked thought and change.  There are a million wonderful things I could say about her, but I will just say if you are considering her as a coach, do it!  You will begin to thrive and prioritize your true self and wants."

Nikole S.

“Working with Jama was a truly transformative experience. I worked with her as my coach during a very low period. I asked Jama to push me toward change, and she gently prodded me despite my resistance.  I came out the other side, stronger, and happier and motivated to face the challenges ahead. If you are looking for positive motion in your life, insights, and growth-take the leap and let Jama lead the way." 

Tess S.

Los Angeles

"Coaching with Jama has been so helpful for getting started with my business.  I was procrastinating on some tasks and struggling to put myself out there in a consistent way.  Jama helped me see a perspective I hadn't considered which gave me so much freedom to move forward.  She possesses the perfect balance of warmth and wisdom which helped me feel taken care of and motivated to achieve my goals." 

Alex O. 
Los Angeles


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